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fresh air interview Do You See What I See? A Scientist’s Journey into 3D washington post review An Eye-Opening Memoir
Fixing My Gaze has been translated into Japanese, Korean, Italian, Danish, and Spanish. Scientific American From 2-D to 3-D Sight: How One Scientist Learned to See
The Los Angeles Times The key to 3-D visionA visual impairment that condemns children to see in only two dimensions can go unrecognized for years and be mistaken for stigmatized learning disabilities and/or behavioral disorders. New Scientist How I Learned to See in 3DPrint Q&A with Sue from the New Scientist, June 6, 2009
Psychology Today Sue’s Psychology Today Blog, Eyes on the Brain The New Yorker A Neurologist’s Notebook, “Stereo Sue”
NPR National Public Radio (NPR): Going Binocular: Sue’ First SnowfallAudio of NPR Interview The Perseus Book Groups Podcasts Audio Podcast Interview with Dr. Susan Barry
Optometrists Network Sue Barry’s Successfully Overcomes Strabismus (Esotropia) as an Adult with Vision Therapy WW For scientist Sue Barry, the world was flat until she was 48 years old.
Bright Eyes Family Vision Care Bright Eyes Vision News: Interview with Susan Barry
The Spokesman Review
Neurobiologist Finds That the Adult Brain is Quite Flexible