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I’ve been blogging on the Psychology Today website now for over a year, adding a new post every few weeks or so.  Here’s a guide to these posts:

Many of my posts are about neuroplasticity and rehabilitation. Our brain has the capacity to reorganize and recover throughout our lives, but these changes may not happen spontaneously. They may require the right kind of therapy and support. I address a lot of these topics in the posts listed below.  The post, Do Musicians Have Different Brains has received over 200,000 hits.

Behaving Like Animals

Before and After

Keep Music in the Schools!

David Hubel: A View of a Scientist

Why Singing Together Is Good For Us

Healing as a Creative Act

Vision and the Self

Vision, Music, and Waking Up the Brain

Piano Practice Can Have Far-Reaching Effects

The Power of Mothers

Why Do I Have Trouble Reading?

Picking Yourself Up After A Fall

No Pain, No Gain?

Holiday Gifts and Your Brain

Teaching Cross-eyed People to See in 3D.

The Power of Music Therapy

When is the Brain Fully Mature?

Seeing More With Every Glance

Chess and the Brain

A Device to Help the Blind See

Does Pain Change the Brain?

How to Grow New Neurons in Your Brain

The King’s Therapist

Help for Math Anxiety?

Can you acquire a sense of direction?

Beating the Odds

Is Face-Blindness Curable?

Do musicians have different brains?

Knowing How to Look

Look Me in the Eye!


How To Rewire Your Brain, Part 4: Doctors and Patients.

How To Rewire Your Brain, Part 3: Experiencing the World like a Child.

How to Rewire Your Brain, Part II: An Intensely Conscious Act.

How to Rewire Your Brain. Part 1: The Importance of Everyday Experiences.

Why Can’t My Child Read?

When Tests Fail

What Do Astronauts and Cross-Eyed People Share in Common?

Getting Into Someone Else’s Head: Part 1

Who’s in charge: Me or my neurons?

How to Rewire Your Brain–And Vision

Some of my posts are about brains, both human and animal. The post on “body image” got over 30,000 hits.

Moving To The Beat


Math and Memory

The Brain of a Synesthete

Reality Check

There’s Something In The Way He Moves

Navigation: It’s All In Your Head

Bran Waves, Consciousness, and the Perceptual Moment

Memory, the Amygdala, and PTSD

Fear, the Eyes, and the Brain

I Feel Your Smile, I Feel Your Pain

Does Our Brain Work on a Need-To-Know Basis?

Do We Feel With Our Gut?

There’s No Accounting for Taste

Drugs and Memory

Body Image


Are We Making Ourselves Stupider?

A child’s way of counting reveals why we are so smart.

How a Child’s Drawing Reveals the Map in our Brain.

Other posts are about vision, visual perception and optical illusions:

Changing Minds

Vision, Space, and Thought

What Op Art Can Tell Us About Reading

Why Don’t Young Babies Fear Heights

Visual Snow

When New Views Meet Old Assumptions

Seeing Past Dogma

Reflections on Christmas Lights

Thinking in Three Dimensions

Do We See The Parts Or The Whole?

What the Brain Tells the Eye

A Surprising Reason Why Two (Coordinated) Eyes Are Better Than One

When Dad Saw Double

Stereo Secrets

Do Eye Exams Really Test Your Vision?

Does Time Spent Outdoors Alter Our Vision?

There is No Perception Without Action.

Lost in Space: How Good is Your Sense of Direction?

An Optical Illusion for Two Eyes

Avatar, 3D Movies, and Our Sense of Identity.

Seeing and Knowing

Does the way you see affect your personality?

Seeing and Believing

You See it but is it Real?

I have some more philosophical posts, many inspired by my teaching and students. My favorites include False Hopelessness, Misjudged, and No Regrets.

On Being A Subject of Oliver Sacks

Overlooking the Obvious

Seeing Yourself Differently Through Reframing

Seduced by Numbers

Whose Brain is it Anyway?

Why can’t I sleep??


What Makes One Student Smarter than Another?


When the right time to say “thank you” has passed you by.

Dealing with Arrogance.

False Hopelessness

Me and Oliver Sacks

Were you nervous?  Watching my husband blast off into space.

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